Perhaps the rising temperatures have caught your attention. Now that the winters are over, it’s time to welcome a brand-new summer. The widespread distribution of the coronavirus vaccination across nations is a wonderful achievement, but it is not without challenges. You might be able to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation if all goes according to plan. Speaking of summers, a lot of folks don’t feel the need for a car. They don’t realize that cars are exposed to bad weather in the winter. Before considering a road trip, make sure your Nissan Patrol is ready for the season.


Check your car’s fluid levels. You are already aware that the car requires a number of fluids, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and engine oil. Top them off to make sure the required levels are attained.


During the winter, the wiper blades experience a lot of wear and tear. When summer is just around the corner is the best time to accomplish this. The outdated wiper blades could damage your windshield if you don’t replace them. We can promise you that you do not desire this for yourself. Windscreen scratches could be challenging to remove.


The only point of contact between the road and the surface is at the location where the tyres are being mounted. They have to have a lot of qualifications and the ability to get inspired. Check the tread depth of the tyres to make sure they have adequate traction. Read this article to have a better understanding of the legal tread depth limit in the UAE and the significance of the regulation. Always be on the lookout for any cracks or bubbles that might appear. Finally, but certainly not least, we recommend that you rotate your tyres if you haven’t done so recently. It will become more difficult to break.


Even though it doesn’t get too cold in the UAE, winters can be very hard on a car’s inside and exterior. A thorough cleaning and detailing are therefore suggested. With its help, you can get rid of a variety of contaminants and winter grit.


We suggest that you pick a mechanic and ask them to examine your brakes and engine. The brakes and engine can both be checked using one of the many how-to videos that are available. However, PitStopArabia prioritizes your security. Therefore, the mechanic you select can do an exhaustive scan of these parts. They will examine you, find any problems, and offer you a sound remedy.


Just like other components, the battery’s durability can decrease in colder climates. If your car required extra jumpstarts during the winter or took longer to start in the mornings, it’s time for a battery inspection. You can make use of PitStopArabia’s mobile mechanic service. If a new battery is required, our experts will evaluate the current one. For your convenience, our mobile technician will deliver and install the batteries anywhere you need them in the UAE.

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