Commercial and industrial lighting for residential buildings

Commercial and industrial lighting for residential buildings

Lighting may seem insignificant or irrelevant. They all enhance a place’s aesthetics, ergonomics, and value. Lighting levels should be optimal for industrial, infrastructure, commercial, or residential projects to maximize the benefits they can offer. Find out why proper lighting is so important. Different settings require different lighting types, whether industrial, infrastructure, commercial, or residential. Other than ensuring the safety of people, lighting also has several other benefits. Several studies have found that proper lighting improves mood and drives productivity. 

Lighting in the Industrial Sector

Lighting in the industrial sector is essential to establishing a safe and productive workplace. Since much medium to rough work is conducted in this field, well-balanced illumination is necessary. Ensuring optimal lighting conditions in the industrial sector promotes greater productivity, efficiency, and employee morale and provides a safe and secure work environment. Lighting levels must be monitored in fields with an ageing workforce to ensure optimal performance. 

Here are the different types of Industrial LED STRIP:

High Bay Fixtures

If you operate an industrial space where the ceiling is 20 feet above the ground, consider High Bay light Fixtures. 

They can also be used to light horizontal and vertical planes.

2. Low Bay Fixtures

You must use Low Bay Fixtures if you have an industrial space with a ceiling less than 20 feet above the ground. If you have an industrial area that is smaller or as tall, these are the ideal lighting system for you.

3. Task Lights

Anyone in the industrial lighting space will have heard of task lights. As the name suggests, task lights are specifically for shining light when working on a particular task. 

4. Area Light Fixtures

Of course, industrial LED light fixtures are for more than just large warehouses. Some area light fixtures are used explicitly for lighting specific areas that may otherwise be very dark.

For example, if your warehouse has a darkened hallway, an area light fixture will make sure this hallway is as illuminated as the work area.

Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Similar to the psychology of colours, lighting can also influence our moods. This is particularly important in commercial settings, as proper lighting levels can help shape their identity and foster a positive environment for workers and visitors alike.

It can go a long way in improving satisfaction, efficiency, productivity, and communication if lighting levels are kept in check. A well-lit workplace stimulates the mind and creates a dynamic, creative, and motivating environment. Here are some types of Commercial Buildings lifhts:

  1. Incandescent lighting

Incandescent lighting was the first commercially available type when Thomas Edison designed it. Otherwise known as halogen, this type of lighting involves bulbs filled with a gas, with a filament in the middle that emits light when electricity is passed through it.

2. Fluorescent lighting

Florescent lighting, known for its energy efficiency and long life, is commonly found in offices, schools, and warehouses. It is a tube filled with a gas that lights up when electricity is passed through it.

Lighting in Residential Projects

Lighting, being a mood-changer, also finds significance in residential areas. With proper lighting, your house can feel more like a home where you can enjoy, relax, unwind, and feel at peace. Different lighting solutions in residential settings have other benefits. 

Task lighting, for example, simplifies routine chores like washing the dishes or cooking. On the other hand, general, ambient lighting improves the mood and ambience of your home. Proper lighting levels help you become more at home in your residential area. 

Improve your lighting and pave the way to productivity, efficiency, and quality of living. We at Stealth Ventures, the top lighting solutions in the Philippines, have many lighting solutions for a broad range of applications, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and preferences.

What is the difference between residential and commercial-grade lighting products?

Residential-grade lighting products are primarily used inside and outside of homes. If you want to save money on quality lighting in your home, you can purchase these at big box retailers, such as Home Depot or Walmart. However, they only sell a few different light bulb sizes and have a limited selection of brands. And, if you have any questions or are seeking advice, you can expect their associates to be something other than lighting experts.

 Commercial-grade lighting products are used in businesses and places with high traffic. You can often find them in schools, shopping malls, and public places like streets and government facilities. Certified Lighting professionals offer various technologies and brands when looking for efficient options. Their knowledge and expertise allow them to select luminaries with the best quality components. You can talk to our experts; they’ll gladly assist you with the best project options.

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