rain jackets for women

100% waterproof rain jackets for women

All of RAINS’ products are created with durability and longevity in mind. RAINS designs rain jackets for women from their signature waterproof material that has a PU-coating which creates a 100% waterproof and windproof item that will last a long time. RAINS raincoats for women come in a wide range of designs that cater to different needs and styles. Find yours today. 

Scandinavian designs with smart features

RAINS’ Scandinavian values such as simplicity, durability and functionality shine through in both the materials used as well as the smart features in their rain jackets. RAINS’ womens’ raincoats have smart features such as adjustable or elastic cuffs, waterproof zippers or drawstring hoodies with brims that all help to keep you dry. 

Wide range of beautiful designs

You will find a wide range of designs such as shorter parkas and capes that give you free movement. If you wish more coverage their Longer Jacket or Fishtail Parkas give you just that. RAINS’ rain jackets with belts or drawstrings at the waist help accentuate your silhouette if that’s your wish. No matter what, there’s a style for you among RAINS’ collections. 

Breathable rain jackets

RAINS rain jackets are breathable and lightweight raincoats that make sure you don’t get clammy as you commute to work or your studies. RAINS rain jackets can easily be packed into your backpack as they take up little space. Find your functional RAINS rain jacket for women today and stay smart and dry.

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