Mangal Dosh

What is Mangal Dosh, and how does it impact your life?

As per Vedic astrology, Mars is considered a planet with an inauspicious connotation. In a general sense, it may bring negative impacts on the life of many. You may see some serious impacts of mangal dosh on married life. A person with a mangal dosh either ends up remaining unmarried or may face severe consequences on health, wealth, and after-marriage happiness.

If you have a mangal dosh in your kundli, then you must talk to Astrologer to know about the remedies for the same. Not just mangal dosh, but there are several other planetary doshas as well that can impact other areas of your life. Whether Chovva Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Kaal Sarp Dosha, all of them can have severe impacts if not treated on time. Mangal dosh is still the most common of them all, and its origin is discussed below.

What is Mangal Dosh?

Mangal Dosh, as per Vedic Astrology, is the condition where the planetary position of mars is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses at the birth of an individual. Such a position is not a good sign as it contributes to all the negativity that may happen in a marriage.

The impact of mars is studied keeping its different house positions in mind. For instance, the 2nd position may have a different impact when compared to the 12th position. Apart from its impact on married life, it can impact your life in the pre-marriage period as well. The several impacts of the position of Mangal are discussed below.

Impacts of the positions of Mars in your life

  • Mars in Ascendant

An ascendant denotes the health of an individual, which also considers physical stability as well as personality. If Mars house its position in the Ascendant, then an individual may be of impolite or aggressive nature. Such a nature takes an uncompromising form and may be the biggest reason for the difference in marriage.

  • Mars in the 2nd house

The position of Mars in the 2nd house signifies aspects like the wealth of an individual and his/her family relationships. Such a position may bring negativity in the life of an individual with wealth as the main concern. Many stress and disputes may also be seen in this regard with family members. If such a dosh is not treated, it may bring negative impacts on the life oi native’s life.

  • Mars in the 4th house

The placement of mars in the 4th position offers stability in wealth. It brings out a better impact for an individual in scenarios where money is involved. But somehow, such a planetary position may still impact your married life. There might be some recurring disturbances that may concern you until treated. You can easily get rid of such doshas by seeking help from live astrology for remedies.

  • Mars in the 7th house

The 7th position is generally reserved for marriage and life partners. And the placement of Mars on this house may point to troubled marriages. People with 7th house mangal dosh usually find a life partner with health problems. Such placement also encourages unethical behaviours, disputes, and extra-marital affairs. So, you may not want to risk your marriage with a 7th house mangal dosh in existence.

  • Mangal in the 8th house

The 8th house, as per Vedas, signifies joy, sorrows, longevity, peace, and other aspects of life. This dealy placement of mars may destroy your happiness and may cause you a lot of mental stress. Not just mental harm, it may also leave you with wealth issues. However, if the 8th house mangal is found in Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo, the impacts may be lesser than usual.

  • Mangal in the 12th house

The 12th house is the home for happiness, relationships, travelling, relaxation, and peace. The placement of Mars on the 12th house may impact the internal satisfaction of the couple. It may lead to a lack of sympathy and love between the couple. Apart from that, there may be high chances of financial instability with long-standing aggressive behaviour.

Final Words

Mangal Dosh is one of the common doshas in the Kundli of individuals where the planetary position of mars is in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th houses at the time of birth. Such placements can have negative impacts on several aspects of your life. But, generally, married life has seen the maximum effect.

If such doshas are treated on time, it may result in divorce, disputes, stress, etc. The individual ends up remaining unmarried their entire life. To know if your kundli has Mangal dosh, you must consider getting into “my astrology” with an astrologer. A right astrologer may even suggest remedies to correct mangal dosh and other planetary doshas.

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