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Hypertension: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes



High Blood Pressure

How much do you know about hypertension?

Hypertension, widely known as high blood pressure is one of the most common chronic conditions treated around the world.

The chances of developing this condition increase with advancing age.

Almost 50% of the individuals aged 60-69 and approximately 75% of the individuals older than 70 are affected.

One of the most widely known studies called the Framingham Heart Study has estimated that almost 90% of women and men who didn’t have high blood pressure at 55 or 65 years of age will have the disease by age 80-85.

It is no secret that the number of medications prescribed to individuals increases with advancing age and many of these prescribed medications are related to hypertension.

These statistics sound very negative and depressing. It seems that we have no choice other than to get older (at least for now until somebody is able to invent a rejuvenating elixir) and end up with high blood pressure and the need to take a large number of medications.

Are there ways to prevent hypertension or at least reduce its damage to the body?

I would like to discuss a case with you that is unfortunately too common in our society.

You may find that your behavior might be a little similar to the following patient.

It is the case of a 46-year-old patient who considers himself to be one of the healthiest people in the world. He exercises regularly and denies smoking or using “street drugs”. He is very successful at his job. He has never had any medical examination or blood work done. He says that he does not need these things and hates going to a doctor. His father lived to be 78 years old and never had any issues either. He makes fun of people who take medications and go to their doctors on a regular basis. One day his brother, who had bought a new blood pressure machine, asked him to check his blood pressure.

Our patient was reluctant and didn’t want to do it until he finally agreed. His first blood pressure reading was 190/110 mm/Hg which is much higher than the normal blood pressure of 120/80 mm/Hg. His brother insisted on having a second measurement that was 186/110 mm/Hg. The patient smiled and downplayed the results of these measurements. His brother who was very concerned said, “You need to take care of this blood pressure, you need to go to a doctor and discuss a treatment”. Our patient repeated that he is young and healthy and emphasized again that his father lived to be 78 years without any medical issues.

Before going any further, let me explain what high blood pressure or hypertension actually means.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is when the pressure inside our vascular system including the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and all other organs increases dramatically. Having some pressure is always good. Imagine the following example, you’re living on the 10th floor of a New York City apartment and intending to take a shower. You probably wish to have good water pressure that could assure you a successful shower otherwise your shower will turn into a nightmare.

The same thing is true with our body, brain, heart and kidneys that require good blood flow and this blood flow is maintained by certain blood pressure. Like everything else, too much of anything is bad. That is why high blood pressure will increase the pressure too much higher levels that will damage the walls of the vessels and make them irritated and traumatized.

Therefore, long-term high and uncontrolled high blood pressure will result in the hardening of the blood vessels and consequently worsening of pressure. Patients who have long-term and uncontrolled high blood pressure may end up with heart attack and stroke.

Now, let us analyze this case together.

Mistake 1: Counting too much on youth

It’s a common perception that youth can protect us from illness and aging, brings us pain and disease. This belief leads to many misconceptions and misunderstandings. You seldom get problems with a new car. However, if you don’t treat your new car well, the damage and destruction will happen sooner than later. Youth hides the problems with its better flexibility and partial ignorance but it can’t make the problems disappear. Youth doesn’t provide a total safety wall around us. This reality needs to be understood and appreciated.

We can build good health in the early phases of our life and at the same time, we can also destroy our health very early. Imagine a house that is built with high-quality material and by well-qualified people. The chance that this house lasts longer and causes fewer headaches to the owners is much greater than a house that is built poorly.

It is clear that we can’t live as long as a house can last but, you get the point…

Mistake 2: Seeing Hypertension as an accident

Developing hypertension is not an accident. You don’t win high blood pressure at one of the lottery drawings on Saturdays. It is a process, a path that starts many years before the real high blood pressure is manifested. Our belief that things happen suddenly and at once is based on false beliefs and it’s simply naive. We have pre-hypertension before hypertension and like almost everything else in our life, it is mostly ignored.

Look at our news reports. People talk about how a bridge has collapsed and killed many innocent individuals. But how many people are interested in finding out what the exact reason for this collapse was.

I am not suggesting that starting tomorrow we should stop our job and start functioning as a general inspector and inspect all the bridges and roads for problems and deficiencies. What I am trying to say is that almost nothing— except a few accidents—happens suddenly, and without prior warning.

This is important information that if appreciated, can save you a huge amount of suffering and unnecessary trouble.

Mistake 3: Underestimating your enemy

The next obvious mistake of this individual has cost many people their victory, lives and success. Underestimating the enemy is one of the greatest mistakes that one can do and unfortunately, it happens more often than you may believe. It happens in every sector of life, such as in sports, politics, the economy and certainly in health-related matters.

This individual with high blood pressure is underestimating his condition and is not recognizing this matter as a danger to his livelihood. There can be many reasons for the underestimation of this condition. They can include a lack of knowledge and/or anxiety in facing the reality. Whatever the reason, the outcome can be lethal to this person. He needs somebody who is candid and blunt with him and who can tell him the truth.

But as we all know, telling the truth can only go so far…..

Mistake 4: Gambling with your health

This younger man is clearly gambling with his health. He is ignoring reality as if, this ignorance would make the problem disappear. This behavior is like a typical Russian roulette. It could go well for a while but it can also go wrong very fast. However, it will go wrong eventually. He is not willing to understand the danger and to get help.

Mistake 5: Misunderstanding family history

I hear very often that younger people try to justify why they don’t want to take care of themselves. They want to make themselves believe that their genes are great and their father, mother or brother would have lived a long life if they only weren’t a smoker or obese or…etc.

In my experience, relying too much on family history can be very dicey.

Most of the information that we remember and have heard from our family is inaccurate or incomplete. We don’t know the context of the problem and condition and naturally, we try to build our own interpretation around the existing information. Our general knowledge about our first-degree family members’ health conditions is poor and about second-degree family members almost non-existent.

You should not rely too much on the notion that because your father didn’t die from a heart attack you will also be safe. It is clear that reliable family history can help us in classifying one’s risk profile but I usually focus on positive events to intensify the treatment and less on negative events to rule things out.

Let me explain what I mean.

If you tell me that your father had a heart attack, I would classify your risk of having a heart attack as high and intensify your management. But if you deny any heart attack in your first-degree family members, I would still consider you as a possible candidate of having a heart attack—not as high as somebody with a positive family history—and help you to minimize your risk factors accordingly.

Accurate family history is important but not enough to justify ignoring the reality.

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Health and Fitness

Microdose Shrooms: A Safe and Enjoyable Experience



Microdose Shrooms

If you take a microdose, also known as a semi-dose, you won’t even be aware that you’ve taken the medication. A lot of individuals have started including microdoses in their usual weekly regimen. This objective is to increase the amount of creativity, energy, and attention while simultaneously lowering stress, anxiety, and mental instability levels. You may get further knowledge by reading our article on microdosing mushrooms.

Taking a Microdose of Magic Mushrooms

The use of psychedelic substances at doses below the threshold is called microdosing. Consequently, you may get the benefits of psilocybin without being subjected to the hallucinogenic symptoms it usually produces. It helps with day-to-day responsibilities, which makes it simpler to get things done overall. In Canada, microdosing has helped people with depression, anxiety, compulsions, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) feel better.

We have the perfect ingredients for taking a mushroom microdose with us so that you may improve your concentration or get over a mental health problem. We understand that purchasing these products in Canada may be a tricky and confusing experience for first-time purchasers, which is why we are here to assist you. On the other hand, our team of experts is here to guide you through microdosing psilocybin and respond to any queries you may have based on our firsthand knowledge.

How to Give Yourself the Minimum Required Dose

Your microdose may be given to you in one of several different ways. The simplest and most time-efficient way is to precisely measure your dosages into otherwise empty capsules. It will prevent the flavour from coming through and guarantee that it is distributed evenly.

After calculating the correct dose for yourself, you can also brew psilocybin tea by dissolving the powder in hot water and adding honey to the beverage. This may be done after determining how much psilocybin you need. You can mix the powder into (almost) any beverage first thing in the morning. However, feel free to experiment with other combinations.

How to Have a Safe and Enjoyable First Psychedelic Trip

There are several methods to get high off psychedelic shrooms. “Magic mushrooms” are also often used to refer to these fungi. One way to use them is, to begin with a modest dose and then progressively increase it.

One method for experiencing the mind-altering effects is to take a capsule that contains psilocybin. The latter is the component responsible for the impact of tripping.

The Easy Method for Finding Magic Mushrooms Near You

If you want to find medicinal mushrooms – microdose capsules in your area, you may have to experiment with a few different methods. You may search for businesses that provide magic mushroom capsules on the internet, or you may inquire with the people you already know to see if they have any recommendations for sellers. You are not without choices, whatever the case may be.

The most reliable and hassle-free approach available in your region is shopping at online dispensaries. You may purchase mushrooms and edibles of any sort using a virtual shelf by scrolling around the website from the comfort of your home. Additionally, online dispensaries provide a wider variety of certain strains than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Is It Possible to Develop a Tolerance to Mushrooms through Microdosing?

Microdosing with shrooms might affect your tolerance if you are already using psilocybin. After the first dose, it’s best to wait three days so your body doesn’t get used to the active substance.

It is not recommended to use psilocybin daily in any amount. Because the body develops a tolerance to the substance, continued use of psilocybin may provide minimal benefit. At least two days should pass between each dosage that is taken. Because a microdose of mushrooms may have effects that are felt for many days after consumption, it is important to space out your doses as much as possible.

Another benefit is that a powerful substance may become established in your habits if you microdose it daily. Its effects are identical to those of the productivity-boosting properties of coffee. When you drink coffee daily, the amount you need to get the same result will rise over time.

It is better to have a benefit all at once, like coffee, rather than to use microdosing repeatedly. This indicates that you should leave a few days out of your schedule when you don’t mind microdosing, no matter what you use. You should do this regardless of how often you take your medication.


Currently, scholars are looking at the potential benefits of combining psychedelic drugs with psychotherapy. Researchers are looking at hallucinogens like psilocybin to treat addiction and the distress that comes with a terminal diagnosis. For now, the claims of microdose come from people’s experiences, which they share with others so they can benefit from it.

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Health and Fitness

Preventative Dental Procedures: Everything You Need To Know About Their Procedures, Benefits, And Services



Preventative Dental Procedures

If you care about your family’s oral health, you should push for a preventative dental procedure. With the help of this advanced dental service, which emphasizes preventative care by encouraging frequent brushing and flossing, we can avoid more serious dental problems in the future. A general dentist can conduct a variety of preventative dental procedures to help you avoid dental problems, which can be costly when you have other bills to pay. Preventing the problem from happening in the first place will save both time and money.

Preventative dentistry procedures aim to identify and eliminate oral health issues before they become severe. The primary objective is to prevent a headache from occurring in the future by doing maintenance and servicing on it today. So, if you’re thinking about consulting a preventative care dentist in Mississauga but want to learn more about the Preventative Dental Procedure industry, keep reading as we explain what it includes, its benefits, and its services. What are you waiting for?

What Is A Preventative Dental Procedure And Who Offers It?

Preventive dental care, also called “preventive dentistry,” means taking good care of our teeth and gums to keep our teeth and mouths healthy. To achieve this goal, one must practise good dental hygiene, which includes seeing the dentist regularly and engaging in other preventative measures, such as flossing and brushing.

Family or General Dentist:

For you and your family, the best dentist in Mississauga offers the greatest preventative dental procedures. A family dentist is an expert in preventative treatment that includes frequent checkups, teeth cleaning, and X-rays. They help you find out if you might have a dental problem and teach you how to take care of your mouth and teeth properly so you can get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Pediatric Dentist:

Preventative dental procedures begin in childhood, so pediatric dentistry in Mississauga provides preventative dental procedures. They offer routine checks and inspections on children and assist them in developing a dental care program to ensure that their teeth remain healthy throughout their lives.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Preventative Dental Procedures?

Preventative dental procedures can help you avoid unpleasant tooth problems like cavities and gum disease, as well as improve your general health by spotting problems early. Preventive dentistry in Mississauga also provides cosmetic benefits.

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. It is easier to prevent oral health issues than it is to cure them. Preventive dental treatment not only minimizes the chance of cavities and other oral health disorders but also helps to avoid secondary illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. Dental preventative procedures save patients time, money, and health concerns in the long run. The following are some of the benefits of practising good dental hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly:

Save Money with a Lower Cost:

Preventative dental procedures always cost less than restorative services. Modern dentistry in Mississauga has access to excellent corrective tools, such as crowns, fillings, and implants, which go a long way toward resolving difficulties. Preventative dental procedures, on the other hand, are far less expensive, which is why many insurance companies cover most or all preventative treatments. Regular visits to a preventative dentist in Mississauga may appear expensive at first, but they will end up saving you money in the long term on more expensive procedures like tooth extraction and prosthetics. Full mouth restoration can eventually cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Pain and Discomfort

The mouth has many nerve endings, which increases the possibility of pain. Preventive dental treatment minimizes the possibility of tooth decay or gum disease, as well as the likelihood of major pain.

Staying Away From The Dentist:

Brushing and flossing your teeth for a few minutes every day is unquestionably preferable to going to the dentist for many consecutive hours.

Improved Self-Esteem:

Oral health issues can also harm a person’s social life. Bad breath, discoloured or misaligned teeth, and other cosmetic issues can influence public confidence. Taking care of your teeth is good for your overall health and will make you feel better about yourself.

What Services Are Included in Preventative Dental Procedures?

Oral Examination

Regular dental examinations are the most essential element of preventative dental procedures. X-rays of your mouth, jaw, and neck are among the procedures used to assess your overall dental and oral health and discover any potential concerns early on.

Oral Hygiene and Cleaning

Your Preventative Dental Procedure dentist in Mississauga will do complete oral cleanings regularly to ensure your teeth remain clean and healthy. This prevents future dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are an important part of keeping your teeth clean and maintaining your oral hygiene. When your Preventative Dental Procedure specialist detects a cavity early on, they can treat it with fluoride to prevent it from growing larger.

Home Care Instruction

As part of preventative dental treatment, your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your teeth at home. Your dentist will recommend a simple yet effective home care dental program for you and your family, such as flossing and appropriate brushing.

Schedule A Visit To Discuss Preventative Dentistry In Mississauga.

As you can see, the preventative dental procedure is essential for you and your family. It makes sure that your teeth get the care they need, so you don’t end up with serious oral issues later in life. Another advantage of preventative dentistry is that it is easy to access and reasonably priced for patients. If you are interested in improving your oral health and avoiding problems from occurring with preventive dentistry in Mississauga, contact Afflux Dentistry now to schedule an appointment. Make an appointment with our best dentist in Mississauga, to begin your preventative dental procedure experience!

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Health and Fitness

The Highest Quality Ocutamin Dietamino Supplement On The Market



ocutamin 6

People who are looking to get a jumpstart on their weight loss efforts usually turn to supplements as a means of expediting the process. Unfortunately, many dieters have reported that they’ve been duped by Ocutamin Dietamino – an ineffective product with subpar ingredients. We understand if you’re skeptical about this statement; after all, there are plenty of fake products out there that claim to be beneficial for your health but end up hurting you in the long run. But trust us when we say that Ocutamin is nothing like those products. In fact, it’s one of the finest diet supplements on the market today thanks to its premium formula and affordable price point.

What is Ocutamin?

Ocutamin is a dietary supplement that’s specifically designed to help people lose weight. Unlike many other products on the market, which are meant to curb your appetite or increase your metabolic rate, Ocutamin is an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster in one. This means it’s a great solution for those who want to lose weight quickly but don’t want to go on a strict, low-calorie diet. Ocutamin is most commonly used by people who are looking to shed a few pounds in a short period of time (i.e., before an important event or vacation). It’s also perfect for people who have a hard time sticking to a diet due to their cravings for high-calorie foods.

Why is Ocutamin so effective?

As we’ve already discussed, Ocutamin is an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster in one. This special combination makes it more effective than most other products on the market. Let’s take a closer look at how Ocutamin boosts your metabolic rate and curbs your appetite so effectively. First and foremost, Ocutamin has a special blend of B vitamins and other nutrients that help give your brain a boost. This is important because when you’re tired, you’re much more likely to give in to your cravings. So, by improving your brain function, you can fight those cravings that often lead to overeating.

What’s inside Ocutamin Dietamino?

As we’ve discussed, Ocutamin is a great solution for dieters who don’t want to go on a strict, low-calorie diet. This is because it contains no stimulants (like caffeine) or other ingredients that could interfere with your sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re much more likely to crave high-calorie foods. With that being said, it’s important to note that each Ocutamin bottle contains 100 mg of caffeine per serving. This is the equivalent of about one cup of coffee, which shouldn’t interfere with your sleep if you consume it in the morning.

Is Ocutamin safe and effective?

Yes. We’ve had very few complaints about Ocutamin, which is a good sign. The product is made with a premium formula of B vitamins, caffeine, and other natural ingredients. There are no harmful additives or chemicals inside the product, which makes it a safe solution for any dieter. Another reason we believe Ocutamin is safe and effective is because it’s made in the United States. This means that the product is regulated by the FDA and is held to a high standard of quality control. You can rest assured you’re getting a safe and effective product when you buy Ocutamin.

Final Words

At the end of the day, Ocutamin is a great product for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly. It’s a premium diet supplement that’s safe, effective, and affordable. If you’re looking to lose weight before a big event or vacation, or if you have a hard time sticking to a diet, you should consider buying Ocutamin. It’s a one-stop shop for weight loss that’s backed by plenty of positive Ocutamin Review 2022.

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