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Data encryption: why is it important for cyber security to encrypt?



Data encryption

Massive amounts of sensitive data are managed and stored in the cloud or on connected servers. Encryption employs cyber security to protect against brute-force and cyber-attacks, such as malware and ransomware. 

Data encryption works by securing digital data transmitted over the internet and computer networks. There are two types of digital data: transmitted data (also known as in-flight data) and stored digital data (also known as data at rest).

To protect data, modern encryption algorithms have supplanted the outmoded Data Encryption Standard. These algorithms protect data and power security initiatives such as integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation.

To verify the origin of a message, the algorithms first authenticate it. They then check the integrity to ensure that the contents have not changed. Finally, the non-repudiation initiative prevents senders from disputing legitimate activity. 

Data Encryption is the process of converting plain text into cipher text, or converting text from readable to unreadable format, in order to secure a conversation between two parties or from an unauthorized person. 

To securely encrypt the plain text, a secret key is used; various techniques and algorithms have been developed to encrypt the encryption. For example, substitution and transposition techniques, the MD5 algorithm, the SHA algorithm, the IDEA algorithm, and so on.

Encryption of data consists of three steps. First, you take some data that you want to encrypt as input, along with a key (Password or passphrase). Second, once you have obtained both, you will feed them into an encryption algorithm.

The algorithm will then use the data encryption key to change the data in the input and send the output. You can then send the output to the second party via any medium you prefer, or you can keep the Encrypted data for future use.

When the data is received, the receiver sends the decryption key and the encrypted data to a decryption algorithm to decode it. 

Now that we have covered what encryption is, how it works, and the different types of encryption, let’s look at some of its applications:

Data Storage Protection: It can be used to safeguard data that has been stored for an extended period of time. Even if the storage device is stolen or compromised, the data will remain unreadable without the key.

Data Migration: It is used when transferring data over a network to ensure that no one else on the network can read it.

Accessing Data across Multiple devices: Data stored on cloud storage is encrypted, and it can then be accessed from any supported device securely. There are several encryption methods, each designed with a specific security and security need in mind. Asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption are the two main types of data encryption.

This lays the groundwork for data security. Emails, internet chats, and cloud storage have all become safer for public and corporate use as a result of it. Aside from user data, it has played a significant role in safeguarding national security issues. 

Given these facts, it is no surprise that Android phones now encrypt user data by default, and that search engines like Google priorities websites that use SSL encryption in their search results. 

This establishes the foundation for data security. Emails, internet chats, and cloud storage have all become safer for public and corporate use. Aside from user data, it has played an important role in national security issues. 

Concerns about public cloud security and data protection across complex environments are growing as more organizations migrate to hybrid and multiple cloud environments. Encryption key management and enterprise-wide data encryption can help protect data on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud service providers (CSPs) may be responsible for cloud security, but customers are responsible for cloud security, particularly data security. The sensitive data of an organization must be protected while allowing authorized users to perform their job functions. 

The security should not only encrypt data, but should also include encryption key management, access control, and audit logging capabilities. Most people are aware that when using the Internet, data in transit should be encrypted. 

This is the primary distinction between HTTP and HTTPS traffic (i.e. whether or not the lock icon shows up in the address bar). Using HTTPS ensures that you are connected to the correct website and that no one can eavesdrop on your connection, which may contain personal information such as credit card information, your Netflix queue, and so on.

Here is where file encryption comes into play. Rather than just encrypting data in transit, file encryption ensures that data is encrypted when it is stored on your computer. This means that an attacker or malware with access to your computer will be unable to read your sensitive data unless they also have your password.

If this occurs, the malware may begin searching for sensitive data on your computer and sending it to the cybercriminal who is running the malware. Your personal information, however, is not only at risk when it travels over the Internet. Despite your best efforts, your computer may become infected with malware that your antivirus does not detect.

When considering your personal data, you may concentrate on credit card and banking information, which is primarily entered into the browser and is not stored on the machine. A large amount of personal data can be extracted from files that you may have unknowingly stored on your computer.

“I don’t have any data worth stealing,” is the most common reason for not implementing good cyber security practices. This statement, however, is incorrect, as cybercriminals frequently target individuals in order to steal personal data.

The most recent trend in ransomware is to steal all of your data and then blackmail you into paying a ransom. If you do not pay, your information will be leaked onto the internet, used for identity theft, or sold to the highest bidder. That’s terrifying! data encryption solutions work at their best. 

The good news is that if your files are encrypted, cybercriminals will not be able to access your data; instead, they will only see scrambled data that is useless and cannot be held to ransom.

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Link Building to Promote Primary Keywords



Link Building

Though it may seem an irony to claim to promote Keywords through Link Building, while Keywords are predominantly used to promote links and web pages, it is essential for businesses to promote their Primary Keywords in order to get customers to come to their brand content and web pages. Primary Keywords are the most prominent keywords that represent and refer to the business or brand. The promotion of the Primary Keywords of the brand helps it to get more business conversions by getting numerous visitors to its blog and web pages. Get the Best SEOLink Building Services Canada here.

This article looks into various ideas and possibilities as to how your Primary Keywords can be promoted and improve your results and performance.

Identify the Factors that Influence Your Business

There are many factors that affect a business which include external and internal factors. External Factors are those factors such as government legislations, current technology, news and events, competition, prevailing geo-political situations, economic and environmental conditions, etc. These External Factors act as strong undercurrents that drive the market forces and also play contributory or inhibiting roles in your business. These factors need to be keenly watched as they unfold and implemented in your overall and content strategy so that you can use them for your business advantage instead of getting caught off guard. Internal Factors are those factors that influence your business from inside your organization such as resource team, technical calibre of your staff members, strategic decision making, marketing budget allocation, swift planning, brainstorming and ideation, etc., which make or break your business accordingly as how they are handled and managed.

Classify the Keywords

The classification of keywords is crucial to the promotion of your Primary Keywords through the Link Building process. This is necessitated by the fact that a successful campaign depends on how and where a specific set of keywords are used. Keywords have to be used and applied relevantly and wisely so that they play the defined roles that they are used for. Irrelevant use of keywords is a misfit in the whole scheme of Content Marketing and in the end, the process becomes counterproductive.

Industry Keywords

The Industry Keywords represent your industry that you are operating and will connect to your generic industry audience.

Product Keywords

Better use of Product Keywords will gain the attention of search bots in search engines and internal search algorithms of various platforms and play a significant role in your Search Marketing endeavour. 

Brand Keywords

These are Keywords and Phrases that represent all your Brands and Brand Identities. These help with brand reinforcement and recollection, and more, will improve your SEO results.

Product Use Keywords

People use Product Use Keywords as search phrases to find answers and solutions for their pain points, problems and specific needs. Use of these keywords help retrieve your content in search results and solve people’s problems. 

Trending Keywords

A key strategic move, the use of these Trending Keywords attracts people’s attention as they want to seek information or enhance their understanding on current trending products, topics and situations.

Define the Goals

Your Link Building goals with regard to the promotion of your Primary Keywords can be defined and refined as Top Search Engine Results, Number of Web Page Visits and Number of URL Link Clicks. But before that you have to select and list the keywords that you want to monitor the performance for. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Planner and Ahref Keyword Tool to research and find the popular keyword phrases. Once you have identified the top and primary keywords, you can start analysing and measuring the performance of these keywords for certain parameters and criteria.

Top Search Engine Results

Talking of keywords promotion, the first thing that hits the mind is their Ranking Positions in Search Engines. You can use SEO tools such as Keywords Ranking Position Tracker available in the website and similar such web tools sites for live-tracking the keywords ranking in Google and leading search engines along with other insightful metrics. This lets you improve the positions of your keywords with effective SEO and Link Building activities. The backlink strength of your webpages and effective distribution of your content across a variety of platforms and topics help push your keywords on top of the SERP results. 

Number of Web Page Visits

Another very important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is the Number of Web Page visits that you receive for the keywords that you monitor and measure. It is highly necessary that your web site or web pages should receive a tremendous amount of relevant and quality traffic in order to achieve your strategic goals and business results. 

Number of URL Link Clicks

Using URL Links, you can achieve your Keyword goals in two ways. One, you can use your Primary Keywords as Anchor Texts for your backlinks to get quality customers to your website and get conversions there. Two, you can get relevant backlinks through the promotion of your Primary Keywords through search engines, blogs and articles, and make them visit your website.

Design the Marketing Funnel

You have to ensure that the Marketing Funnel that you create features all the types of Keywords that you want to promote and that too in the appropriate stages of the Funnel. Keeping in mind the three stages of Digital Marketing viz Awareness, Consideration and Conversion, use those keywords that fit these three stages in the various content forms and formats that you use for your promotion. As regards the types of keywords, you have tactically use industry keywords, information keywords, brand keywords, conversion keywords, generic keywords, specific keywords, etc., across the Funnel from top to bottom so that all your Primary Keywords get promoted in the natural way. Check Perfectlinkbuilding Canada for more details.

Decide the Content Requirements

Decide and finalize what types of content that you are going with for the promotion of your Primary Keywords in the upcoming campaign so that you can plan how to use these Primary Keywords and their related search phrases in the various content and ads. 

Decide the Usage of Keywords

The usage of Keywords has to be decided in advance so that effective Content Strategy can be devised such as creation of Article, Blog and Video Titles, Profile and Product Descriptions, Hashtags, Tags, Categories, Anchor Texts, etc., and used in your Link Building process.

Paid & Non-paid Methods

Instead of leaning on one particular method like Paid or Non-paid Method, you can eloquently use both the methods and get the desired results.


With the best of Content Strategy and effective Link Building, you can promote all your Primary Keywords and increase visibility of your Brand Content and Website.

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Link Building to Increase Brand Engagements



Link Building

Creating Brand Awareness causes a Brand to be visible, understood and trusted. But it is not sufficient though for a Brand to sustain and succeed. Here comes Brand Engagement. The users and potential customers who engage with the Brand are the ones who can be taken as having expressed interest in the product due to their brand engagement actions which indicate that they are either interested to know the product or buy it. The types of Brand Engagements include clicking on the accompanied URL links, interacting with Call to Actions, posting reviews and ratings for the brand’s products, king, sharing and forwarding the brand posts, clicking the brand’s hashtags, downloading the App, etc. Through proper Link Building, you can increase your Brand Engagement levels by following various recommended steps and doing appropriate actions. Check them out below.

Create Brand Page In Relevant Platforms

Out of the three levels of Brand Promotion Initiation, Introduction and Intensification, Initiation is initiating the process of Brand Presence Building on the internet by creating Brand Pages on all the relevant platforms which include Website, Social Media, Blogs, Video Platforms, Image Sharing Platforms,  Stories Sharing Platforms, News Sharing Platforms, Discussion Forums, Review Websites, Cross Promotion Platforms, Business Directories, Advertisement Platforms, Marketing Automation Platforms, etc.

While creating your Brand Presence in these platforms, ensure you add your logo, create a professional Business Profile with quality content and cover pictures, add your website, address, contact details, map locations, mentions of your products and services, representative keywords and phrases, video and social media links, hashtags, etc. If you create your Brand Presence without clickable brand mentions and links, you will deny your brand any opportunity for getting brand engagements through such Brand Pages and so, each of your brand Pages has to have as many links as possible and necessary so that you can increase the chances of engagements for your brand. Check here to Buy Quality Backlinks Canada.

Publish Brands Stories & Increase URL Click Throughs to Website

You can leverage the Story Sharing and Publishing Websites to write and distribute your Brand Mentions and links. Interesting and inspiring stories that talks about the evolution of your brand, success stories, team experiences, etc., will get your audience to read your stories fully and forward and share them in their social media which your Brand Mentions and links to get more engagements through the viral effect.

Use Display Banners to Increase Brand Visibility & Clicks

Using innovative concepts and ideas, you can achieve much of your strategic goals and objectives through Display & Ad Banners across various platforms and networks meaningful and relevant to your brand, business and industry. Repeated exposures of your brand to your Target Audience (TG) let them to take notice of your brand and your messages thereof, and to interact with your links and Call To Actions (CTAs).

Create Exclusive Brand Promo Pic for Pinned Tweets & Cover Pic

Post your Primary Promo Pictures as Pinned Tweets and Cover Pictures so that whoever visits your Social Media profile pages will be able to see your brand prominently and be prompted to check more of your brand posts and engage with the posts and links promoted thereby generating results for your Brand Engagement campaigns.

Use PR Content for Instant Industry Connectivity

Press Releases, Editorials, Advertorials and Public Relations Posts create instant connectivity with your industry and market audiences and create the potential for getting more Brand Engagements. Press Release Content has the immense power of creating dramatic reach throughout the business community especially your industry people and trust for your brand and marketing message. This power and potential of these editorial and journalistic content and articles enable the entire industry to stick out and watch out your news, events and marketing messages and let them engage with your brand forthwith. This way, you can create results for your Brand in terms of brand visibility, brand interactions, brand reputation and brand conversions. Know more about how to do this here.

Use a Mix of Hashtags for Audience Targeting

Use Hashtags that are popular, moderately popular and niche to post and publish your Brand Content across multiple platforms and share them in all your networks and among your followers. You can use a mix of industry hashtags, product hashtags, brand hashtags, use case hashtags, trending hashtags, influencers hashtags, etc., to promote your Brand Posts so that they reach out to a mix of audiences and influence to engage with your brand.

Use Promoted Posts & Reach Potential Audience 

Using Promoted Posts, you can target ideal audiences in QuickTime using audience filters and various targeting tools and paid features. You will be able to estimate the potential reach among the specified audience profiles in a given time frame using the various forecasting tools and metrics offered by various platforms and tools.

Use Retargeting Methods to Reinforce Branding

Retargeting allows you to show and distribute your ads to visitors and users who have already seen or visited your website before. You can use the various settings to control the exposure of your brand posts and ads to specific criteria audiences who visited your web pages earlier. 

List in Numerous Business Directories Under All Relevant Categories

Business Directories have huge visitor traffic of their own because of their long existence and due to the fact that innumerable pages of them are indexed in various search engines including Google. So, make a list of Business Directories and enlist your Brand under the relevant categories so that you will get more views on your Brand Profiles on these Directories and get Brand Engagements like never before.


You can increase your Brand Engagements by leaps and bounds is highly possible through Link Building by increasing the spread and submission of your Brand Identities and Brand Links on the internet wide and deep. Such widespread publishing and submission of your Brand Content with links and URLs increase your prospects of getting innumerable Brand Engagements leading to an effective and successful achievement of your goals and objectives.

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When CDNs cache A/B variants using playlist embedding in watermarked content, how does this reduce latency?




If you are a service provider, you can perform A/B watermarking in the head-end or distribution network, which is two steps. Streaming sessions are split into two subsets, called “A” and “B,” and each subset is given a different watermark. The A and B segments of each of these streams are then combined to create a single stream with a unique A and B segment combination. No two OTT subscribers will receive the same sequence of videos.

For each video source to be distributed simultaneously, two encoders are needed, as well as enough storage and origination resources. A/B variant video watermarking is a resource-intensive process because of this dual stream approach. A CDN caching infrastructure is needed to store the two versions of a video on the origin server before they can be accessed via the CDN. Because of the way A/B watermarking works, each chunk of data can only contain one WMID (watermark identifier). For some applications, such as live streaming of DRM protected content, this can cause a delay.

With A/B video watermarking, the manifest can be used to restore some caching capabilities of the video delivery network and achieve good scalability. Only segments containing the recipient’s watermark identifier are delivered in serialised playlists. If the playlist is being consumed over a network, the client can only ask for variant segments that encode the WMID for each one of the associated WMIDs. This method allows the video delivery network to store both the A and B versions of the stream.

The requested variants are served by a streaming server that hosts all of the pre-computed variant segments. Because the segments are already in the cache, they are not sent to the origin server, thus reducing latency. An HLS or DASH-based segment granularity playlist entry is needed for this purpose. A playlist is protected from malicious access and manipulation by obfuscating the segment URIs. Segment delivery is determined by the manifest manipulation component.

The scene is represented just by its 2D projection, which are photos acquired by cameras. It is possible to watermark image sequences that record a 3D scene and extract the watermark from any rendered image generated for any arbitrary view angle, as opposed to the first two methods, which only  protect the watermark information for the two key components of 3D scene representation (geometry and texture). If you’re using dynamic watermarking, you may embed information on the video asset while it’s being played back at the user’s end, such as the user’s email, date  and time of watching, their IP address, or even their business logo. Because of their dynamic nature, they provide additional protection for confidential content that  is not intended to be shared or altered. DAI (dynamic ad insertion) is also activated via dynamic watermarking in order to optimise addressable ad income.

DRM  video protection techniques such as watermarks are not sufficient on their own, but when used in conjunction with other measures, they can help to safeguard the  intellectual property of the content owner and aid to trace the source of any alleged infringement. They also serve as a helpful reminder to users about their own  and others’ rights to the content they’re using.

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