Banking does not stop during quarantine: these are the best mortgages 

For the banks, there is no quarantine worth: there are still people interested in buying a home and the entities are more than willing to give them financing so that the business does not decline. In fact, there are even some that have decided to improve their conditions to make their loans even more competitive. In this article we will see which are the best mortgages offered in this month of April , at a variable and fixed rate, and we will explain in detail what the characteristics of each of them are.

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The cheapest variable rate offers

We will start with the variable rate offers, because as the Euribor is still trading below 0% , they are the cheapest PHH mortgages on the market. The top 3 of this segment is occupied by the same entities as last month: EVO Banco, Pibank and Openbank.

EVO Banco

Let’s start with what is, once again, the best variable-rate mortgage loan: the Smart Mortgage from EVO Banco . Your interest is as follows:

  • First year: Euribor plus 0.99%
  • From the second to the fifth: Euribor plus 0.89%
  • From the sixth to the tenth: Euribor plus 0.79%
  • From the eleventh: Euribor plus 0.69%

To get that interest it is essential, yes, to contract two services from the bank : domicile the payroll and sign your home insurance.


The second position is for Pibank Mortgage , from the homonymous bank. This entity applies an interest of Euribor plus 0.95%, with an initial fixed rate of 1.95% that is applied during the first year. It is not necessary to contract any other bank product to obtain these conditions.

Open bench

The third occupant of this podium of the best variable mortgages is Openbank’s Open Variable Mortgage , whose interest depends on the value of the home that we need to finance:

Financing First year Following

Up to 50% 1,99% E + 0,79%

Up to 70% 1,99% E + 0,89%

up to 80% 1,99% E + 0,99%

In all cases, the interest is subsidized by 1.20 percentage points in exchange for direct debiting the recurring income (minimum 900 euros).

The best fixed mortgages

And let’s go now for fixed-rate mortgages , whose ranking has indeed changed compared to previous months. On this occasion, the first three positions are for Ibercaja, EVO Banco and MyInvestor.


The One Step Mortgage from Ibercaja heads the top 3 of the best fixed mortgages. Its rate is 1.50% over 20 years, exclusive for customers who direct payroll of 2,500 euros or more (it can be the sum of those of several holders) and want to obtain a minimum of 150,000 euros.

EVO Banco

Although it has dropped positions, EVO Banco occupies a privileged second place in this ranking. Your Smart Fixed Rate Mortgage has an interest rate of 1.55% over 30 years, which can be obtained without the need to contract other services from the entity.


We end with another of the cheapest offers on the market: the MyInvestor Fixed Rate Mortgage Without Backpack . In this case, the interest is as follows:

  • 1.29% at 15 years
  • 1.59% at 20 years
  • 1.69% at 30 years

It is not necessary to contract any other product to obtain these conditions, although to access the loan it is essential to finance a maximum of 70% of the home and collect 4,000 euros net per month among all the holders.

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