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Ambient Marketing: what is it, and how can it boost your digital marketing strategy?



Ambient Marketing

Have you ever heard of Ambient Marketing? Maybe not, but indeed you have seen some examples of this unconventional marketing activity that captures people’s attention and creates a sounding board both online and offline: let’s find out more about this type of marketing!

Ambient Marketing combines the environment and marketing strategies to attract the attention of its target through unconventional activities to create a sounding board both online and offline and increase Brand Awareness.

But when did Ambient Marketing develop?

In 1996, Concord Advertising, a British advertising agency specializing in outdoor advertising campaigns, launched an Ambient Marketing campaign, placing billboards and stickers in unexpected places, on the street, behind toilet doors, or at petrol stations.

Today as then, thinking outside the box, the surprise effect and the imagination are the main ingredients to create a successful Ambient Marketing campaign!

Let’s see immediately what are the advantages of Ambient Marketing and why you should use it in your marketing strategy!

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 UVP
  • 2 Budget
  • 3 Word of mouth
  • 4 Viral Content
  • 5 Brand Awareness
  • 6 Buyer Personas
  • 7 Goals
  • 8 Idea
  • 9 Location
  • 10 Installations
  • 11 Social
  • 12 Nescafe
  • 13 Samsung
  • 14 Lay’s
  • 15 Ikea
  • 16 Rimmel
  • 17 Master Clean
  • 18 Mcdonald’s
  • 19 Fastweb
  • 20 Kit Kat
  • 21 SNCF


The UVP, i.e., the Unique Value Proposition, promises the company’s users and represents the competitive advantage that distinguishes the brand from its competitors.

In Ambient Marketing campaigns, many companies highlight what distinguishes and characterizes the brand compared to the competition: success is often in the small things; think about what represents your brand and tell it in the campaigns.


To carry out an Ambient Marketing campaign, it is not necessary to invest stratospheric figures; in fact, you can opt for campaigns that convert with a very minimal investment, managing to obtain an essential return on advertising investment ( ROAS ).

The objective of Ambient Marketing is to capture the attention of the target and generate “buzz” towards the brand to increase its notoriety.

Word of mouth

In a positive or negative sense, the user is affected by the Ambient Marketing campaign, often unable to understand what emotion arouses him. However, it affects him.

The goal of Ambient Marketing is precisely to surprise the person who notices the installation and who talks about it with their contacts, generating word of mouth.

Viral Content

In Ambient Marketing, the user becomes the protagonist together with the brand; in fact, he shares photos of the installations through his social networks, generating the interest of his followers in the campaign and consequently in the product/service and the brand.

Brand Awareness

Through the Ambient Marketing campaigns, the company will increase its Brand Awareness, reach more Buyer Persons, and increase its notoriety in terms of awareness and fame both online and offline.

You may be wondering how to create a successful Ambient Marketing campaign: let’s see it together!

Buyer Personas

Whatever your business is, it is necessary to start from your target audience: the users interested in your company, brand, and product/service, from which we will create the Buyer Personas.

Buyer Personas are fictitious representations that describe the ideal user through a real identikit, in which the user is described, with their history and objectives, the passions and fears that characterize him.

It is essential to know your target audience so that you can intercept them through the right content and appropriate marketing campaigns: in fact, each target segment corresponds to different marketing activities.

This is why it is crucial to segment your target audience because if you do not know the people you are targeting, you will not be able to achieve the desired results.


We want to achieve goals in the short, medium, and long term in our online and/or offline marketing strategy.

To achieve the desired results, the objectives must be SMART, that is:

  • Specific or specific
  • Measurable or measurable
  • Achievable or reachable
  • Relevant that is relevant
  • Time-Based or timed

When you create an Ambient Marketing campaign, you must have planned the results you want to achieve and the objectives you want to achieve: it would make no sense to cover the city with flyers if you don’t have a clear idea of ​​your goals!


The purpose of Ambient Marketing is to amaze the user with unconventional ideas: often, the most straightforward and most unexpected idea is precisely the winning one; in fact, it is not certain that a mammoth installation is better than stickers located in the road junctions of a city.

So, think “out of the box” and start surprising your target with small gestures like billboardsstickers, or installations such as balloonsstatues, or sarcastic messages.


Choosing the ad hoc location represents one of the main points for the success of an Ambient Marketing campaign; in fact, opting for one area of ​​the city rather than another is a variable that makes the difference during the activity.

Let’s take an example immediately.

If you had installed an installation in an area of ​​the city, which is not attractive to your target, you would have wasted only time and money: studying the best location for your audience is a fundamental step for the success of your promotional campaign.


Waking up and finding yourself an installation in the city center, a brand sticker at every subway stop, or billboards at every road junction represent the surprise effect that distinguishes Ambient Marketing.

To create an Ambient Marketing campaign, I recommend that you focus on a single activity: you will have a lower expenditure of financial resources, and you will be able to achieve the goal without generating confusion for the user, allowing you to reduce costs and maximize ROAS.


Social media represent a sounding board to increase brand awareness.

Suppose you have done an excellent Ambient Marketing campaign. In that case, the users themselves will photograph the installations and share the posts with their followers, which by becoming viral, will allow you to obtain an increase in Brand Awareness through word of mouth.

Are you curious to discover some of the most famous Ambient Marketing campaigns?

I have selected the brightest for you!


Nescafé, the well-known coffee brand with the Nestlé brand, has launched an exceptional Ambient Marketing campaign; in fact, it has installed two coffee machines, one on the opposite side of the road, in various German cities and offered free coffee.

So far, nothing exceptional, now I will reveal to you what is unique about this campaign: to be able to get the drink for free you have to push a button at the same time as another person, who is right on the other side of the road. Otherwise, the machine will not deliver the service.

This campaign was created with the aim of making strangers interact and increase sociality: don’t you think it’s a charming idea?


Samsung, the well-known electronics brand, has installed charging stations where you can recharge your smartphone for free: a beneficial idea, to never be without your smartphone.


Lay’s, the potato chip brand, has applied stickers depicting potatoes that protrude from the ceiling in some subway stations around the world: definitely a practical idea!


Ikea, the well-known furniture and design brand, proposed various Ambient Marketing activities.

The most famous is undoubtedly the one starring the sofa “placed” under the bus shelters in France or the installation of a bathroom, equipped with every comfort, instead of a chemical bathroom at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Rimmel, the make-up brand, has launched an Ambient Marketing campaign, creating nail polish installations around the main international cities: will it have caught the attention?

Clean Master

Mastro Lindo, the well-known brand of cleaning products, has created an Ambient Marketing campaign on the road; in fact, stickers depicting the brand’s mascot have been attached next to the pedestrian crossing to reinforce the idea that they have been breached thanks to their products. Super!


Mcdonald’s, the famous fast-food brand, has carried out various Ambient Marketing activities.

One of the most famous is undoubtedly that of the pedestrian crossing, painted directly on the road to depict a portion of chips or those of the installations of the iconic takeaway bag to advertise the takeaway service.


Fastweb, the telecommunications brand, has created an installation of the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro in Piazza Dante in Naples: a real “miracle” that bears the words “Downloaded with Fastweb.”

The campaign was created to promote the internet connection service.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat, the well-known brand of Nestlé, has created benches in the shape of a chocolate bar, characterized by the shape and colors of the brand: will it have hit passers-by?


SNFC, the French State Railways company, has carried out an Ambient Marketing campaign to launch new routes to Europe: doors with a label have been installed in the main Parisian squares, in which the name of a European city.

Once the door is opened, the user finds a screen where it is possible to see what is happening at that moment in the square of a specific European city: what can I say, brilliant!

I hope this article on Ambient Marketing is helpful to you: have you already heard of this operational marketing activity? Will you carry out an Ambient Marketing campaign for your great lakes student loans company? Let us know in the comments!

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Digital Marketing

8 Reasons Video Marketing Is Essential to Business Growth in 2022



Video Marketing

As expected by experts, video marketing trends are evolving and reaching new heights quickly. About 83% percent of companies firmly believe that video marketing can increase ROI. With the popularity of social media channels, video-based content is a massive opportunity to enhance customer reach, increase brand awareness, and convert maximum leads to customers.

About 92% of marketers say that video marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy. This percentage of people has increased from 78% in 2015, indicating that video continues to grow in importance.

8 Important Reasons Why You Must Invest in Video Marketing?

Honestly, video marketing is not the cheapest variant of the latest marketing techniques but is surely one of the most lucrative. Suppose you have a solid business marketing plan, access to a good video maker to make solid promotional videos, and the professional expertise of an expert agency then Video marketing can be the most profitable and self-sufficient form of marketing for your business. 

Let us look at the top 8 reasons why businesses must invest in video marketing:

Increase Conversions and Sales

About 55% of consumers rely on videos before making a purchase. Videos encourage users to stay on the page longer and search for more information. Due to the attractive nature of the video, it’s a great way to convert online leads into profitable customers. About 84% of users say they were persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a branded video. Videos attract a new customer base and can be displayed professionally on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, achieving different viewers.

Enables Social Media Sharing

Businesses can expand their customer outreach and brand awareness by posting videos on social media platforms which are better equipped to attract customer attention through shares, likes, and comments. Your videos encourage your audience to share them within their community.

A video is shared 12 times more on social media than text and images combined. 92% of mobile users confirmed that they are more likely to share videos with others. If the video is interesting and different from all the other branded videos you’ve seen before, people will share the branded video with their friends. This increases the traffic to your official social media accounts and your website!

Video Helps in Tracking Your ROI

You can develop lucrative and customer-winning video campaigns strategies by tracking impressions, ratings, lead generation, viewer engagement, and CTAs. You can reuse your videos on various platforms and make them a strong and indispensable part of your marketing budget. Video marketing is a technique to earn the most value for your money. You will realize how this initiative helped you earn better ROI and track it effectively in the longer run.

Strengthen SEO

Videos can take your business to the top charts in search engines, especially with keyword-enriched content and engaging, educational, and interactive videos attached to your official channels. And because Google owns YouTube, the impact of videos on search engine rankings has increased significantly.

Use meaningful and keyword-specific titles and descriptions using effective backlinks to your website or product! Google prioritizes the page with the video when ranking your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Describes the Product/Service

Videos can be educational, and people love watching instructional or a digestible format video marketing content to learn everything about brands, businesses, objectives, products, and services. You can base your video’s short video descriptions on long descriptions, such as blog posts, articles, and copies of product pages.

Therefore, a video that provides solutions and educational content to viewers regarding complex products and services is ideal. About 94% of the video library content should be intended to help your target audience enhance your product or service.

Embed Mobile User

Google favors most mobile users as well as online video content. And today, more people are consuming content on their mobile phones than ever before. About 85% of US citizens use a smartphone, spending several hours watching videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

Create Customer Trust

Consumers are very skeptical of any marketing content. Marketing is all about building a solid foundation and maintaining a certain level of trust with your customers. Only if your target audience relies on your and believes what you are saying in your videos will they spread the word about your brand, company, and products.

Compared to text and images, video is more attractive to users and likely produces different emotions. With video, you can tell a story and promote trust between your target audience. Videos have the potential to win the trust of your customers and give the company a personal touch. Internet users can see and hear real people talking about your business, creating more confidence, credibility, and trust.

Promotes the Lazy Shoppers

Many shoppers are lazy, and they love to laze around on their couches, waiting for the right products to reach them. Video marketing is a super hit strategy to target this base and catch the user’s attention in seconds. Creative photography isn’t enough anymore.

You need to make sure; that the intro and outro of your video should be enticing and convincing enough to allow the user to stop scrolling and focus on your video content instead. The videos provide a brief explanation and product information and attract more viewers. Contemporary customers prefer easy-to-use and attractive videos. About 72% of users prefer watching videos to learn about a specific product or service, and  85% want to see more of the brand’s videos.


Creating enchanting videos and a strategic video marketing plan for optimizing conversions, higher SEO rankings, and consumer feedback is not a piece of cake. Many may think it’s just a simple capture from their smartphones that can be posted on social channels.

It is not this easy, as a successful video marketing campaign is based on creative thinking, powerful scripts, and robust planning. Get professional expertise and rely on an expert video maker that can curate stunning explanatory videos and promotional videos, which can help you garner maximum business.

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Digital Marketing

Things to cover in your technology blogging site



technology blogging site

Whether you are a sole blogger or a big company running a blogging site, there are a few things you have to focus on to generate and attract a big audience. For example, if you run a technology blog, there are several things you can cover to make it big.

Get the idea from, Pakistani Freelancing websites.

Tech Trends

As we live in a world of technology, and with everything going digital, one must talk about these trends in their blogs. These trends could, for example, include:

  • Games
  • Devices
  • Online platforms
  • Apps, etc.

So, to talk about these trends, one has to do the research, understand and learn about the current ongoing trends and then talk about them. The key is research, search for something everyone is currently talking about, and maybe go through some trends in the past and discuss their future holds. Discuss the details about the trends and keep the reader interested and try to focus on something new that others have not talked about so the reader has something new to learn about.

Product Reviews

This tech blog is entertaining and garners a good audience. There are so many products that can be included in this, so start by making a list of the products you would like to review. Products that can be reviewed could be different technological gadgets, such as a new mobile phone, the latest model of a laptop, and more.  The review should include the product’s essential features, such as color, size, etc. Keep in mind a few things that should be done while reviewing the product. For example, A good description of the product, the price, the benefits of using it, and the arguments against it. So, this is how a product can be reviewed again; intensive research needs to be done to do that. Get the idea from this freelancing website.


Again, tutorials attract a lot of audiences; several tutorials can be focused on, such as.

  • APPS

To name a few, the key is to cover any subject that many people would be interested in learning about. These tutorials include all the basic features of how to use the product.

 Tech News

One has to keep up with the changing technological trends and create content around them, keeping the reader interested. This could include many sub-topics such as, some tricks and tips for technology users. As many technology users do not know how to use it precisely, discussing a few tricks that could help them out would be a good read. As tech bloggers, one can create ultimate guides on using certain products and discuss and review them.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something the whole world relies on, and covering that in a blog is essential, for this one has to read up about the new and latest developments.

Programming languages

As new programming languages are making it to the market, people are interested in learning about them. So, your technology blog can include several programming languages that you can teach your readers, such as Java, C language, CSS. To name a few.


So in conclusion, to start a technological blogging site and to make sure it gets a good response from the audience, these are a few topics that can be covered; one has to think about what the reader is interested in, that is why it is essential to focus on the current trends as the readers would be eager to learn about that and in return will generate a good response for your blog.

It is safe to say that technological blogging sites are getting a good response as the world is being entirely shaped by technology, so the readers want to learn more about. So, starting a technology blogging site is a good idea and has been generating money.

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a Senior Analyst, Search Engine Expert, and CEO of Rank Higher. Extensive experience in SEO, Analytics, Research, and Blogging. Work for years with local and international enterprises for 7+ years. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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Business and Real Estate

Beautiful Custom Candle Boxes Packaging




Here are some effective details about custom candle boxes. Let’s talk about custom candle packaging. Over the period, candles are modified from utility providers to decoration pieces for every occasion, filling the moments with happiness, delightfulness, and mystique. The presence of these components makes the moments persistent for quite a long span. It symbolizes light, illumination, divinity, love, passion, obedience, humility, and much more. this can be often why this product shows a significant presence in the bulk of the events, from religious, like Christmas, Sunday ceremonies or sacrament of babies to birthdays, weddings, and parties. The soft unsteady candlelight creates a soothing and relaxing impact on the nerves. Moreover, even at funerals, their presence is evident, where you’d like illumination for the dead ones inside a consecutive world.

Custom Boxes Uses:

Further, these packaging for candles enhances the period of the merchandise packed within them. a massive assortment of candles is out and variants of Candle Packaging are gifts within the market. Custom written Boxes and their blessings when you mention customization means to possess effective, economical, and quicker interaction with the customers. The foremost inconceivable use of these boxes is that they become the advertising offer for the company. For personalization, you’ll have written patterns, stickers, and written messages.

Candle Packaging Box

 Moreover, for the logo, build a spread of colors that plays a significant role. Decide on a lighter tone for the background and dark color or vice versa. Custom Candle packaging boxes have graphics capabilities that support printing decisions love printing process [shortly mentioned as lithe, digital, and even screen-printing. in addition to artwork, you’ll additionally print spectacular details of the merchandise and company. The written details of the company will bring your whole into the limelight and candle packaging can become a commerce medium as well, whereas most points will guide the purchasers relating to the products.


Still, electronic and social media, printing over boxes for candles will profit you in communication directly in conjunction with your customers quickly and affordably. hand-crafted choice as already told, candles turn out an ideal ambiance and mood altogether situations. Further, they’re very applicable for presenting as a present and decorating the house for special occasions or celebrations. differing kinds of candles are on the market inside the marketplace for diverse events and purposes, love flameless candles, tea lights, votive, taper, and pillar candles, then on for all such array, Custom hand-crafted Boxes mesmerize you with their conspicuous designs. maybe your shopper prefers to buy for candleholders even for them; candle packaging boxes are preferable.

How to Enhance your Product Beauty?

They enhance the product’s value through the outer look that plays its economical 0.5 in alluring the potential customers to try and do obtaining the most popular Materials for quality manufacturing every product can maneuver with the customers. There are some ways to do and do this, but this can be often done through the outer look due to the shelf lifespan. in numerous words, the custom packaging. Therefore, boxes for candles are enormously essential. Thus, several kinds of materials are used by candle packaging suppliers, such as. Cardboard Material Cardboard is the foremost desirable producing substance for custom-written candle packaging boxes.

Custom Cardboard Candle Packaging

 For this, premium quality cardboard sheets are compressed at high pressure, which provides a strong material. This compressed material provides strength to the candle boxes to protect the exquisite crystal glass containing candle wax from external damage. Cardboard is best to require a rigid variety of boxes for candles. In addition, the outer layer of the cardboard sheet is associated acceptable and swish surface. paper Boxes the other material, that’s applicable for candle packaging supplies, is wrapping paper material. The considerable specifications of these boxes reveal that it’ every versatile and sturdy, making them ideal for delicate and, at the identical time serious products like wine bottles.


Moreover, each paper associated carders are formed associate degreed closed into any size and shape. Further, induction of windows is unquestionably getable in each of the materials. grooved Boxes Another type is corrugated boxes. this kind of production material is in addition used for Candle Packaging Boxes. It’s the toughest material, that proves adequate for wildly packaging shipping functions around the world. the employment of this specific material is an unspeakable assurance that the consignment of a fragile form of candles can safely be delivered to the customers.


Its layers defend products product like candles from jerks, uncommon bumps, and different physical damages. Sub-division of Boxes The resources mentioned top are merely formed into different shapes and sizes. All the forms of Candle Boxes are sub-divided into a pair of sub-divisions folding and rigid boxes. Every one of them is wide most well-liked for candle packaging. the foremost vital distinction between folding cartons and rigid boxes is that the previous is flexible enough to bend and assemble, whereas the latter retains the form inside that they’re manufactured.


Each has its benefits. For instance, if you buy folding cartons in bulks, they’re quickly shipped flat at a low shipping cost, more cost-effective provide to supply to turn out and their production rate is faster than rigid type. Whereas like, folding type, rigid candle packaging boxes don’t would like costly dies. They produce a strong impression of the merchandise on the customers, are loads robust, and don’t need a product fulfillment setup. Moreover, this kind is in addition aforementioned luxury boxes that fulfill the aim of gift packaging boxes.

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