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10 Common Himalayan Salt Lamps problems and how to fix them.



best himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt lamps gives a classy look to our homes, offices and surroundings. It is a natural gift and pure asset of Himalayan Mountains. These pink chunks elevate our home’s decoration as a décor material. No doubt wholesale salt lamps are the most commonly used product nowadays. Its trading is on the peak due to its unbound advantages and different health benefits. Bulk Salt Lamps of Himalayas, not just a décor material but it also acts like a refresher and pacifier with all its soothing and relieving properties. As far as its usage is increasing there are some problems that come forward too. It is very easy and smooth to use but some precautions and insurance should be taken.

We have tried to mention some major problems and their solutions through this article because if we want to have all compensations and benefits we should learn its proper usage. Below are the 10 major problems and also the solution to these problems.

1- Sweating on the best Himalayan salt Lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps has the property to absorb pollution, dust particles, germs etc. in it along with the water vapors from the air. When our wholesale Salt Lamp is enlightened and shining brightly it absorbs these particles from the air and by distilling polluted items from it evaporates the clean and pure water molecule to the air. But if our Best Himalayan Salt Lamp is disconnected to electricity then it will release water to tables and the places where you put this. The only solution is to leave your Salt lamp connected to electricity. Salt Lamps are very friendly to the environment and enlightening them 24/7 will not raise your electricity bill as well as not harm your atmosphere.

2- Excessive sweating reason and how to fix it?

Salt has the power to absorb and release water and it is normal about it. But if you place it in a humid atmosphere it will release more water and it will cause many major issues. There are some steps that you should take to avoid excessive moisture and save yourself from any serious issues.

Like, using a saucer or silicon cover beneath the base of your lamps will protect your wooden table from moisture. Leave your lamp running 24/7 so that it evaporates moisture as much as it can. Avoid placing it at a humid place and use a dry cloth when you see moisture on the surface of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp.

3- Bighting of Light disturbs sleep.

Wholesale Salt Lamp glowed when we lit it up. And its glow is so bright that you can face some problems to have a deep sleep. Especially if you are keen to sleep in the dark. So to have a soothing sleep you should follow some rules to have a peaceful sleep. First of all you should always buy lamps with the electric cord dimmer instead of an on/off button. By dimmer you can easily adjust the brightness and light of your Himalayan Salt Lamps. But if you are still facing the same issue even at the lowest point of dimmer then it’s better to place your lamp near to the closet or any other thing that covers it with its shades and direct contact of brightness will be low and you will have a fast sleep.

4- A wholesale Salt Lamp is Improving air quality or not.

If there is the problem of pollution and allergen in your surroundings and you are feeling that your wholesale salt lamp is not working by improving the air quality then you should take notice of the size of your lamp. Always remember your lamp has required 1 pound of salt per 16 square feet to properly do its function of purifying. So it is very important to choose the lamp according to your room’s size. Then it will work properly and also improve the air quality.

5- How to clean a dirty best Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt lamps by absorbing different dust particles and polluted items from the air start looking dirty. But there is no issue to get worried. It is very simple to clean and restore its beauty and color to normal level. First of all unplugged your best Himalayan salt lamp and let it cool to the normal room temperature then simply use a clean and dry cloth and clean the surface of your lamp. You can also use a sponge to make it clean. If still you are facing problems then use a plenty of water to make it cleaner and then enlighten it till it gets heated and evaporate all the water molecules to the air and get its glow again.

6- Plug in the Electric wire but still Lamp is not turned on.

It is the same situation like between the Rock-Power cable-lightbulb always rock wins. Sometimes it happens that due to any reason the cord’s stricter or electric path gets damaged by the rock or any other issue so the wholesale salt lamp is not turned on even on plugging it in the electric socket. There is no need to worry, simply exchange your cable for a new one. And if possible you can also repair the old one. Fortunately, it is very easy to replace the cable so no need to worry you can simply avoid such kind issues.

7- Bulbs of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp burn out frequently.

If you are facing a steady stream of burned bulbs then you should check some points and change the bulb.

First of all check the voltage of your house and match this with the capacity of the bulb. Secondly if the fused bulbs are Smokey white from inside then there are two reasons one is if you are moving Best Himalayan salt lamp from one place to another that can cause that breakage in the bulb glass and then burning of filament. Second, moisture can also be a reason.

8- Continues flickering of Wholesale Salt Lamp.

If your lamp is continually flickering then you must check the wire first because the damaged electrical path can lead to the flickering. If you find any kind of pressure or damage at any place of the wire it is the best option to replace because flickering can lead to the sparking and sparking can cause a major blast or damage. Moreover the humidity can also be the reason for the unusual flickering so avoid the humid atmosphere to have all the advantages from your wholesale Salt Lamp.

9- Dangerous to pets.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can cause danger to your pets because by ingesting too much salt both dogs and cats can be infected. They can have vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and also can lead to death. To prevent accidental toxicity it’s better to place Best Himalayan Salt Lamp at the spot where your pets can not reach out.   So always keep in mind while placing a wholesale Himalayan lamp to keep distance from your pets.

10-Differentiate between fake and original Best Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are the genuine product of Himalayan Mountains with a beautiful mild pink color. When you get out of a store or want to have a bulk of Best Himalayan Salt Lamp it is very important to confirm its source that will be mentioned on its labeling. Secondly, authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are shiny but their glow is soft and muted. Pure Himalayan Salt lamps are less resistant to breakage.

Wholesale Salt Lamp is the best material to decorate your rooms and by using all the precautions mentioned above you can make it friendlier to your environment. Friends Rock Salt have excellence to provide best Rock Salt Lamps and other products. Friends Rock Salt have mainly focused not only the Purity of Salt source but also the electric cords and bulbs that we provide with our Lamps. Anybody can rely on FRS to have quality and assured products. 

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Debunking Common Myths About Assisted Living



Assisted Living

When you hear about assisted living, what comes to your mind? What have you heard people saying about assisted living? You never know something well unless you have experienced it, which is the case with assisted living. In most cases, people rely on what others say and what society portrays. It is always confused with nursing homes, and many myths surround the concept. If you are looking for assisted living near me for yourself or your loved one, it is vital to know the facts and ignore the myths. This article will debunk common myths about assisted living to help you see the truth.

  1. Assisted Living is the Same as Nursing Home

This is a common myth among many people. However, both are different. Assisted living helps individuals, especially seniors, who cannot do things independently. It may be because of old age or health conditions. They assist with things like eating, dressing, bathing, and others.

Additionally, they monitor seniors and help with medication, housekeeping, and socialization. On the other hand, nursing communities help individuals with chronic health issues. These are issues that need strict attention and care from medical experts.

  1. You Lose Your Freedom in Assisted Living

Losing your independence is not part of assisted living. Actually, it provides more opportunities and freedom to do many things. You can decorate your room, do something like traveling or anything else you want to do. Furthermore, the communities have numerous activities and amenities that offer limitless opportunities to enjoy and relax.

  1. It’s Lonely and Boring

Assisted living is not boring. In fact, you have more people around you than you would have at home. There are other people like you who probably like the same things you do. It allows you to make friends. Furthermore, there is a lot of volunteer work, clubs you can join, and other fun activities you can attend.

  1. Assisted Living Communities are For Old People

Even though most residents in assisted living communities are above 55 years, you will find some communities have other adults. Assisted living communities help people enjoy their lives the way they have always wanted, even with health problems. It provides opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and engagement.

  1. It Is Expensive

Honestly, some communities have shocking costs that deter many families from looking for senior living for their loved ones. However, the price depends on factors like the level of care, apartment size, and others. Assisted living is about all the expenses in your life combined. It is about more entertainment, socializing, care and support, and every good thing you need in your life in one place.

  1. You Cannot Frequently See Your Family or Friends

Many assisted living communities are guest-friendly, which means you can have a family get-together or host a party. Your family or friends are welcome to join you in activities and meals. Therefore, changing where you live doesn’t mean you have to change your life.


There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding assisted living communities, especially from people who have never been there. It is crucial to have the correct information to ensure you get help. Know the facts and understand that assisted living is about making your life better and fun.

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Why are people into Astrology? 




Meta Description: Humans have looked up to the stars for guidance since the beginning of time. The belief that celestial bodies influence earthly and human events is what Astrology is all about. 

Introduction: The curiosity to know something about the future, a longing for self-discovery, stress, uncertainty, and an overall expansion and explosion in pop culture are why people are still into Astrology. 

Astrology is no longer regarded as a scholarly tradition but a science today with reason and logic backing it up. According to my astrology, it is based on the belief that the exact positions of the planets and stars at the time of birth define the life path of an individual and set the tone for their life. 

For years, people have turned to Astrology to help predict their future, prevent mishaps, and know the best thing to do for them in difficult situations. It helps people in tough life situations as a guiding light and paves their way out. 

Reasons People Turn To Astrology: 

  • Stress and Uncertainty: Life is full of mysterious and hard times, and nobody can say what will happen next. Every individual has a life path full of ups and downs. If there are rain showers, then there are rainbows as well. The important thing to remember is that these are just tough times, and they shall pass. Stress and uncertainty may foster a person’s interest in Astrology because having a method of making sense of an otherwise uncontrollable and difficult situation may seem appealing. 

It is human nature to stress over things we cannot control or stress out of uncertainty about future outcomes. The human brain is hardwired to seek a certain level of certainty; some people resort to astrology or talk to astrologer. Astrology may not provide definite answers but can be instrumental in providing meaningful explanations of confusing life situations. In addition, it can provide reassurance about the future, thus providing great comfort and reducing distress. People turn to Astrology when they find themselves in negative times or age of uncertainty. In times of personal crisis or facing stresses in life, people resort to this ancient science and find comfort.

  • Self-Discovery: Various individuals are drawn to Astrology to know themselves better and become more self-aware. The people who are unable to express themselves openly resort to astrology. Live astrology can greatly influence and even validate a person’s self-concept and increase their certainty and knowledge about their attributes. It helps people understand themselves better and their environment. 
  • Increased Exposure: Astrology has gained widespread popularity, thanks to celebrities worldwide promoting it and using it in their lives. It has become a huge part of pop culture today, which explains its increasing popularity and interest among youth today. Frequent exposure to various aspects of astrology may force people to find it intriguing and practice it themselves. In addition, frequent sharing and reading of information about astrology may build communities around it.

However, it is important to note that what may work for one person may not    work for the other. The increasing popularity of astrology has given rise to the need to emphasize assessing the reasons behind this science and why people resort to it. 

  • A Thread between past, present, and future: Human beings constantly feel the need to see a connection between their past, present, and future. They constantly need to seek narratives to help weave their past, present, and future together. People seek to validate the actions of their past, present, and future through astrology. For years, it has helped people know who they are, what their purpose in life is, and what is the right path for them to follow. 
  • Horoscope reading: It is a common ritual for people worldwide to read their horoscopes first thing in the morning. The giant concepts behind astrology science are boiled down into understandable words for people to have an insight into their day, week, or month. It helps in gaining an insight into their short-term plans. It can help decide when to take a major decision when to avoid fighting or crossing someone over when to be cautious of certain people at work or home. These might not always be correct or accurate but are instrumental in understanding certain situations or circumstances. 
  • The Digital Age: Astrology is still prevalent, thanks to its digitalization. The internet is full of online services such as daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes, talk to astrologer over the phone, tarot reading, etc. All this has caught the eye of the millennials, who see it more as a means of entertainment. 


Astrology, an ancient science, is still prevalent today, years later in the 21st century, owing to the prominent reason and logic. It would have been left behind years ago if it had been merely based on myth or superstition. Astrology has been instrumental in helping people see the good in adverse times and be positive when things are tough as it can, if not accurately, predict the outcome. This gives people hope to hang in there until the storm clears itself. 

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Who Are Popular Celebrities to Impersonate?



Popular Celebrities to Impersonate

Celebrities are a popular subject of impersonation. There are many celebrities that people want to impersonate and some of them are well known for their comedic skills.

The following list is a compilation of some of the most well-known celebrities that people want to impersonate:

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is one of the most popular celebrities to impersonate. His voice, dance moves, and fashion sense are all iconic. Many people who have a passion for music and entertainment try to imitate Michael Jackson in order to be like him.

There are many reasons why he is such a popular choice – he was a great dancer, had an amazing voice and was also known for his unique style.

He was also a talented singer and songwriter. He wrote hit songs like “Beat It” and “Smooth Criminal.”

Tom Cruise

Some celebrities are more popular than others and there are many reasons for that. One of the most popular celebrity impersonators is Tom Cruise.

The reason why people love to impersonate Tom Cruise is because he has a very distinctive and recognizable voice. He’s also good-looking, which makes him even more appealing to impersonators.

Tom Cruise impersonators are usually hired for celebrity events, TV shows, and music videos. They can be found at these types of events because they look very similar to Tom Cruise and they can easily blend into the crowd.


Known for his style, charisma and musicality, Prince was a popular artist and musician that is often impersonated.

His music career spanned more than three decades and he released over thirty-six studio albums. He was also a prolific songwriter, with songs such as “Purple Rain”, “When Doves Cry”, and “Let’s Go Crazy”.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe has been on the list of most popular celebrity impersonators for a long time. The reason for that is because she was a very unique and enigmatic woman. She was both attractive and sweet, and vulnerable yet strong. Her beauty was both delicate and strong, her voice could be soft or loud.

Marilyn Monroe has been imitated by a wide range of people including actresses, singers, comedians, and politicians.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an American businessman, television personality, author and most recognizable, the 45th President of the United States.

He has been the subject of many impersonations and parodies over the years. From film to TV shows to stand-up comedy, Donald Trump has been impersonated by some of the most popular celebrities in America.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor. He is one of the most influential musicians ever. He is also considered among the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 120 million records worldwide.

He was known for his vocal style, dance moves, and his signature black leather jacket. Elvis Presley had a very unique voice that made him instantly recognizable by millions of fans around the world. His voice captured many hearts and he became an icon in American culture.

For Fame and Recognition

The idea of impersonating celebrities is not new. In the past, actors and actresses have impersonated famous personalities to entertain their audiences.

People have been impersonating celebrities for decades. It has always been a popular way to make a living. But with the rise of social media, it has become easier and more mainstream to do so.

Celebrity impersonators are not just limited to actors and singers. They can also be politicians, athletes, and other famous people that have made a name for themselves in their field of work.

The popularity of impersonating celebrities on social media has been growing exponentially in recent years. It is not surprising because people are more and more interested in what celebrities are doing. What’s interesting about this trend is that it has become a new way to show off one’s personality, which is what people want from social media these days.

Some people use this trend for their personal gain, but most of them just want to have fun with it.

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